Blocks catalogued to date

Well I’ve made a start… 25 done, some with featured images. The table below shows the current status of the Catalogue. At this stage many of the blocks are marked as Under construction. These appear in the list with no values for Block Categories or Featured image. See the Update notes below.

1 to 250 of 918
TitlePlugin refBlock categoriesBlock keywordsBlock classification
– core/widget-groupGutenberg
… – To Be CompletedGutenberg
100 – coblocks/rowCoBlocks
100 – core/columnsGutenberg
25 / 50 / 25 – core/columnsGutenberg,
30 / 70 – core/columnsGutenberg,
500px – core/social-linkGutenberg,
500px – core/social-link-fivehundredpxGutenberg
AB Accordion – atomic-blocks/ab-accordionAtomic Blocks,,
AB Advanced Column – atomic-blocks/ab-columnAtomic Blocks,,
AB Advanced Columns – atomic-blocks/ab-columnsAtomic Blocks,,
AB Call To Action – atomic-blocks/ab-ctaAtomic Blocks,,
AB Container – atomic-blocks/ab-containerAtomic Blocks,,
AB Drop Cap – atomic-blocks/ab-drop-capAtomic Blocks,,
AB Layouts – atomic-blocks/ab-layoutsAtomic Blocks,,
AB Notice – atomic-blocks/ab-noticeAtomic Blocks,,
AB Page and Post Grid – ab-post-gridAtomic Blocks,,
AB Pricing – atomic-blocks/ab-pricingAtomic Blocks,,
AB Pricing Column – atomic-blocks/ab-pricing-tableAtomic Blocks,,
AB Profile Box – atomic-blocks/ab-profile-boxAtomic Blocks,,
AB Sharing – atomic-blocks/ab-sharingAtomic Blocks,,
AB Spacer – atomic-blocks/ab-spacerAtomic Blocks,,
AB Testimonial – atomic-blocks/ab-testimonialAtomic Blocks,,
About Author – themeisle-blocks/about-authorGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Accepted Payment Methods – woocommerce/cart-accepted-payment-methods-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Accordion – advgb/accordionAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Accordion – coblocks/accordionCoBlocks
Accordion – essential-blocks/accordionEssential Blocks
Accordion – ghostkit/accordionGhost Kit,,
Accordion – kadence/accordionKadence blocks,,
Accordion – premium/accordionPremium Blocks for Gutenberg
Accordion – stackable/accordionStackable – Gutenberg Blocks,
Accordion – themeisle-blocks/accordionGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Accordion – ugb/accordionStackable – Gutenberg Blocks,
Accordion Image block – accordion-block/accordion-image-blockaccordion-block,
Accordion Item – advgb/accordion-itemAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Accordion item – coblocks/accordion-itemCoBlocks
Accordion Item – pb/accordion-itemAccordion Blocks
Accordion Item – themeisle-blocks/accordion-itemGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
ACE HTML Block – aceblock/aceblockAce HTML Block
Action Link – nhsblocks/actionlinknhsblocks,
Actions – woocommerce/checkout-actions-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Active Product Filters – woocommerce/active-filtersWooCommerce
Add to cart button – advanced-gutenberg-blocks/addtocartAdvanced Gutenberg Blocks
Add to Cart Button – themeisle-blocks/add-to-cart-buttonGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Address – jetpack/addressJetpack,,
Address – oik-block/addressoik-blocks,
Address – oik/addressoik information kit,
Ads In Content – aic/blockAds In Content
Adv. Column – advgb/columnAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Advanced Accordion – advgb/accordionsAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Advanced Button – advgb/buttonAdvanced Gutenberg,
Advanced Button – kadence/advancedbtnKadence blocks,,
Advanced Column – ugb/columnStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Advanced Columns – uagb/columnsUltimate Addons for Gutenberg,,
Advanced Columns & Grid – ugb/columnsStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Advanced Gallery – kadence/advancedgalleryKadence blocks,,
Advanced Heading – essential-blocks/advanced-heading
Advanced Heading – themeisle-blocks/advanced-headingGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Advanced Heading – uagb/advanced-headingUltimate Addons for Gutenberg,,
Advanced Heading – ub/advanced-headingUltimate Blocks,,
Advanced Heading – ugb/headingStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Advanced Icon – advgb/iconAdvanced Gutenberg
Advanced Image – advgb/imageAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Advanced Image – essential-blocks/advanced-imageEssential Blocks
Advanced Image – kadence/imageKadence blocks,,,
Advanced List – advgb/listAdvanced Gutenberg,
Advanced Table – advgb/tableAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Advanced Tabs – advgb/adv-tabsAdvanced Gutenberg,
Advanced Tabs – essential-blocks/advanced-tabsEssential Blocks
Advanced Text – kadence/advancedheadingKadence blocks,,,
Advanced Text – ugb/textStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Advanced Video – advgb/videoAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Advanced Video – ub/advanced-videoUltimate Blocks,
Advertisement – advanced-gutenberg-blocks/adAdvanced Gutenberg Blocks,,
Alert – coblocks/alertCoBlocks
Alert – ghostkit/alertGhost Kit,
All Products – woocommerce/all-productsWooCommerce
All Reviews – woocommerce/all-reviewsWooCommerce
Amazon – core/social-linkGutenberg
Amazon – core/social-link-amazonGutenberg
Amazon Kindle – core-embed/amazon-kindleGutenberg
Amazon Kindle – core/embedGutenberg,
Animation Block – ga/block-animation-blockAnimation Block,
Animoto – core-embed/animotoGutenberg
Animoto – core/embedGutenberg,
Archive Title – core/query-titleGutenberg,
Archives – core/archivesGutenberg
Audio – core/audioGutenberg,,,
Author – coblocks/authorCoBlocks
Author Profile (EB) – editor-blocks/author-profileEditor Blocks,,
Avatar – core/avatarGutenberg
Back Link – nhsblocks/backlinknhsblocks,
Background (AWB) – nk/awbAdvanced WordPress Backgrounds,,,
Bandcamp – core/social-link-bandcampGutenberg
Banner – premium/bannerPremium Blocks for Gutenberg
Behance – core/social-link-behanceGutenberg
Best Selling Products – woocommerce/product-best-sellersWooCommerce
Billing Address – woocommerce/checkout-billing-address-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Block icon – oik-block/blockiconoik-blocks,,
Block info – oik-block/blockinfooik-blocks,,
Block list – oik-block/blocklistoik-blocks,,
Block toolbar – oik-sb/tooliconsSB Toolicons block,,
Blockquote – stackable/blockquoteStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Blockquote – uagb/blockquoteUltimate Addons for Gutenberg,,
Blockquote – ugb/blockquoteStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Bordered Box Content – ub/styled-box-bordered-contentUltimate Blocks
Brands (EB) – editor-blocks/brandsEditor Blocks,,
Business Hours – jetpack/business-hoursJetpack,,
Business Hours – themeisle-blocks/business-hoursGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Business Hours Item – themeisle-blocks/business-hours-itemGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Button – caxton/super-buttonCaxton
Button – core/buttonGutenberg
Button – essential-blocks/buttonEssential Blocks
Button – ghostkit/button-singleGhost Kit
Button – nhsblocks/nhsbuttonnhsblocks
Button – premium/buttonPremium Blocks for Gutenberg
Button – stackable/buttonStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Button – themeisle-blocks/buttonGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Button – ugb/buttonStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Button – wp-bootstrap-blocks/buttonBootstrap Blocks,,
Button (Improved) – ub/buttonUltimate Blocks,,
Button (Improved) – ub/button-blockUltimate Blocks,,
Button Block – gutenberg-extend/button-blockAdvance Block Extend
Button Group – stackable/button-groupStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Button Group – themeisle-blocks/button-groupGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Buttons – coblocks/buttonsCoBlocks
Buttons – core/buttonsGutenberg
Buttons – ghostkit/buttonGhost Kit,
Calendar – core/calendarGutenberg,
Calendly – jetpack/calendlyJetpack,,,,
Call To Action – essential-blocks/call-to-actionEssential Blocks
Call to Action – stackable/call-to-actionStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Call To Action – uagb/call-to-actionUltimate Addons for Gutenberg,,
Call to Action – ub/call-to-action-blockUltimate Blocks,,
Call to Action – ugb/ctaStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Callout (EB) – editor-blocks/calloutEditor Blocks,,
Card – card-block/mainCard Block
Card – stackable/cardStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Card – ugb/cardStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Card Region – nhsblocks/card1nhsblocks
Carousel – blockgallery/carouselBlock Gallery,,
Carousel – coblocks/gallery-carouselCoBlocks
Carousel – ghostkit/carouselGhost Kit,
Carousel Slider – cb/carouselCarousel Slider Block for Gutenberg,,,
Cart – woocommerce/cartWooCommerce Blocks
Cart Items block – woocommerce/cart-items-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Cart Line Items – woocommerce/cart-line-items-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Cart Totals – woocommerce/cart-totals-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Categories – core/categoriesGutenberg
Categories – core/post-termsGutenberg
Category Link – core/navigation-linkGutenberg
Caxton Layouts – caxton/gridCaxton
Caxton section – caxton/sectionCaxton
Changelog – ghostkit/changelogGhost Kit,
Chart – oik-sb/chartSB Chart block,,,,
Chart – tdg/chartBesan Block,,
Checkbox – coblocks/field-checkboxCoBlocks
Checkbox – ghostkit/form-field-checkboxGhost Kit
Checkbox – jetpack/field-checkboxJetpack,
Checkbox Group – jetpack/field-checkbox-multipleJetpack,
Checkout – woocommerce/checkoutWooCommerce Blocks
Checkout Fields – woocommerce/checkout-fields-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Checkout Totals – woocommerce/checkout-totals-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Child Pages List – mdlr/dynamic-block-subpagesChild Pages Block
Children – oik-sb/childrenSB Children block,,
Circle Counter – themeisle-blocks/circle-counterGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Classic – core/freeformGutenberg
Classic Paragraph – tadv/classic-paragraphTinyMCE Advanced
Click to tweet – advanced-gutenberg-blocks/clicktotweetAdvanced Gutenberg Blocks
Click to Tweet – coblocks/click-to-tweetCoBlocks
Click to Tweet – ub/click-to-tweetUltimate Blocks,,
Cloudup – core-embed/cloudupGutenberg
Code – advanced-gutenberg-blocks/codeAdvanced Gutenberg Blocks,
Code – code snippetsGutenberg
CodePen – core/social-link-codepenGutenberg
Collage – coblocks/gallery-collageCoBlocks
CollegeHumor – core-embed/collegehumorGutenberg
Column – coblocks/columnCoBlocks
Column – core/columnGutenberg
Column – essential-blocks/columnEssential Blocks
Column – ghostkit/grid-columnGhost Kit
Column – jetpack/layout-grid-columnLayout Grid
Column – kadence/columnKadence blocks
Column – stackable/columnStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Column – uagb/columnUltimate Addons for Gutenberg
Column – wp-bootstrap-blocks/columnBootstrap Blocks,,
Columns – core/columnsGutenberg
Columns / Container – stackable/columnsStackable – Gutenberg Blocks,
Columns Manager – advgb/columnsAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Comment Author Avatar – core/comment-author-avatarGutenberg
Comment Author Name – core/comment-author-nameGutenberg
Comment Content – core/comment-contentGutenberg
Comment Date – core/comment-dateGutenberg
Comment Edit Link – core/comment-edit-linkGutenberg
Comment Reply Link – core/comment-reply-linkGutenberg
Comment Template – core/comment-templateGutenberg
Comments – core/commentsGutenberg
Comments Pagination – core/comments-paginationGutenberg
Comments Query Loop – core/comments-query-loopGutenberg
Comments Title – core/comments-titleGutenberg
Contact Details – contact-widgets/contact-blockContact Widgets,,
Contact Form – advgb/contact-formAdvanced Gutenberg,
Contact form – oik-block/contact-formoik-blocks,,
Contact form – oik/contact-formoik information kit,,
Contact Form 7 Styler – uagb/cf7-stylerUltimate Addons for Gutenberg,,
Contact Info – jetpack/contact-infoJetpack,,
Contact Information – woocommerce/checkout-contact-information-blockWooCommerce Blocks
Container – advgb/containerAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Container – ugb/containerStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Container – wp-bootstrap-blocks/containerBootstrap Blocks,,
Content Filter – ub/content-filterUltimate Blocks
Content Filter – ub/content-filter-blockUltimate Blocks
Content Filter Entry – ub/content-filter-entryUltimate Blocks
Content Filter Entry – ub/content-filter-entry-blockUltimate Blocks
Content Timeline – uagb/content-timelineUltimate Addons for Gutenberg,,
Content Toggle – ub/content-toggleUltimate Blocks,,
Content Toggle – ub/content-toggle-blockUltimate Blocks,,
Content Toggle Panel – ub/content-toggle-panelUltimate Blocks
Content Toggle Panel – ub/content-toggle-panel-blockUltimate Blocks
Contents List – nhsblocks/contentslistnhsblocks,,
Contents List Item – nhsblocks/contentslistitemnhsblocks
Contents List within a page – nhsblocks/contentslistpagenhsblocks,,
Count Up – advgb/count-upAdvanced Gutenberg,,
Count Up – kadence/countupKadence blocks,,,
Count Up – stackable/count-upStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Count Up – ugb/count-upStackable – Gutenberg Blocks
Countdown – essential-blocks/countdownEssential Blocks
Countdown – ghostkit/countdownGhost Kit,,
Countdown – kadence/countdownKadence blocks,,
Countdown – oik-block/countdownoik-blocks,,
Countdown – oik/countdownoik information kit,,,
Countdown – themeisle-blocks/countdownGutenberg Blocks and Template Library,,
Countdown – ub/countdownUltimate Blocks,,
Countdown Timer – kadence/countdown-timerKadence blocks
Counter – coblocks/counterCoBlocks,
CountUp – premium/countupPremium Blocks for Gutenberg
CountUp – roelmagdaleno/wp-countup-jsWP CountUP JS,,
Cover – core/coverGutenberg
Cover with button – caxton/heroCaxton
Crowdsignal – core-embed/crowdsignalGutenberg
CSS – oik-block/cssoik-blocks,
CSS – oik-css/cssoik-css,
CSV – oik-bbw/csvoik-bob-bing-wide,,
CSV – oik-block/csvoik-blocks,,
Custom HTML – core/htmlGutenberg
Custom link – core/navigation-linkGutenberg,
Custom Posts – ptam/custom-postsCustom Query Blocks
Dailymotion – core-embed/dailymotionGutenberg
Dashboard Navigation – nhsblocks/dashboardnavnhsblocks

Only 115 or so to do in the 9 plugins chosen so far.

Update – 21 Feb 2019

I’ve added some logic to the Block list block to display the list as a series of batch commands. This example is for the blocks with the namespace yoast, which is used by Yoast SEO.

cd ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oik-shortcodes/admin
oikwp oik-create-blocks.php yoast/faq-block "FAQ" yoast-seo
oikwp oik-create-blocks.php yoast/how-to-block "How-to" yoast-seo

Running each command on the server creates an instance of a Block custom post type for the selected Block. The post is populated with the basic structure for each block. It’s clearly labelled as “Under construction”.

The purpose of doing this is to quickly populate the catalogue with the blocks delivered by the plugins. This will help me to decide what additional information needs to be stored for each Block. Note that some information is originally only available in the block editor and not available in the server.

Semi automatically generating the Block post for each block delivered by a plugin is not an ideal solution, but it’s a good start. There are now 918 blocks listed.