Some blocks to catalogue

According to a post in WP Tavern, a couple of months ago there were 94 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory that are categorised as Block-Enabled plugins.

These include plugins that I’ve already catalogued – Jetpack blocks and Yoast SEO blocks – and many others I’d never heard of.

More recently, WP Tavern published a post about a plugin called the Gutenberg Blocks Design Library. In the readme for this plugin, which is simply called design, it lists an armful of plugins with which it is compatible.

I’ve added a few of these plugins to my list of plugins to catalogue.

TitleDescriptionPlugin slugGitHub repository
Accordion BlocksAccordion Blocksaccordion-blocksphilbuchanan/Accordion-Blocks/
Ace HTML BlockAce HTML Blockace-html-block
ACF BlocksACF Blocksacf-blocks
Ads In ContentAds In Contentads-in-content
Advance Block ExtendAdvance Block Extendadvance-block-extend
Advanced BlocksAdvanced Blocksadvanced-blocks
Advanced Custom FieldsAdvanced Custom Fieldsadvanced-custom-fields
Advanced GutenbergAdvanced Gutenbergadvanced-gutenberg
Advanced Gutenberg BlocksAdvanced Gutenberg Blocksadvanced-gutenberg-blocksmaximebj/advanced-gutenberg-blocks

It’s nice to see that most of these blocks have GitHub repositories.

Visit each plugin to see the list of blocks that it provides. I’ve counted over 120 blocks, though many have multiple variations.

Note: There are now over 240 plugins in the list of WordPress plugins offering blocks. I wonder how many there’ll be next month? And how many different blocks will there be.