Blocks changes in Gutenberg 5.3

Block change summary

Gutenberg 5.3 provides 41 blocks with a prefix of core, and 34 blocks with a prefix of core-embed.

In WordPress 5.0 there were 36 core blocks and 35 core-embed blocks.


  1. Calendar – core/calendar
  2. Legacy Widget (Experimental) – core/legacy-widget
  3. RSS – core/rss
  4. Search – core/search
  5. Tag Cloud – core/tag-cloud
  6. Amazon Kindle – core-embed/amazon-kindle


The two core-embed blocks that were Deleted were not Deprecated. They were simply removed.


For some reason, Gutenberg still registers a number of Deprecated blocks.

Crashes for Add New and Edit

The editor has encountered an unexpected error.

I got this problem when I deactivated Gutenberg 5.3, in order to cross check which blocks were delivered by core. I was trying to copy content from the oik-plugins post for the Gutenberg plugin ( Gutenberg ) into a new blog post ( this one ) when I had the error. Up until that time I’d been busily beavering away without any issues. My workaround was to reactivate Gutenberg 5.3.

I first documented the problem in bobbingwide/oik-blocks#28. I subsequently discovered that the problem had already been reported, in wordpress/gutenberg#14580.

Other people have reported problems after deactivating Gutenberg 5.3 when using edit.php.

It’s a pretty serious problem. The only workaround that appears to work is to clear the browser’s local storage.

  1. Open console
  2. Run localStorage.clear().
  3. or view the localStorage using Resources and delete it manually.

The problem will be fixed in the next version of Gutenberg. If you’ve deactivated v5.3 and have not resolved the issue on all your browsers then you will have to upgrade to the next version, activate it and then decide whether or not you still want to deactivate it.

PS. I also believe that I got a White Screen of Death (WSOD) when first updating to 5.3, but reckoned that was resolved either when I cleared the cache or did a complete browser refresh.

Other problems?

I am still unable to determine the proper way to select and copy blocks from one post to another. After selecting a couple of blocks, I right click my mouse to get the popup menu to choose Copy Ctrl+C. Sometimes the menu item is enabled, other times it’s not. It’s a bit flaky.

Having copied the blocks into the clipboard, pasting them into a new post often creates a Classic block first and last. These weren’t part of the content that was copied.