Editor Blocks v1.2.0 – 12 blocks catalogued

I’ve just finished cataloguing 12 blocks from the Editor Blocks plugin.

Author Profile (EB) – editor-blocks/author-profile
Display a WordPress user’s profile dynamically using this block.
Brands (EB) – editor-blocks/brands
Display a collection of logos in a row. Perfect for highlighting your partners or clients.
Callout (EB) – editor-blocks/callout
Draw your visitors attention to your high-value pages or newsletter using an inline callout.
Features (EB) – editor-blocks/features
Display an organised feature list in columns. Accompany each feature with an image or icon.
Hero (EB) – editor-blocks/hero
Pair this block with the wrapper block to create stunning hero areas.
Horizontal Feature (EB) – editor-blocks/horizontal-feature
Highlight a key feature of your product or service using this horizontal display.
Intro (EB) – editor-blocks/intro
Introduce your content with a heading and subheading.
Pricing Table (EB) – editor-blocks/pricing-table
Beautiful 2, 3, 4 or 5 column pricing tables
Team (EB) – editor-blocks/team
Display a list of team members in a multi-column layout.
Testimonial (EB) – editor-blocks/testimonial
Showcase your client testimonials with this beautiful block.
Vertical Feature (EB) – editor-blocks/vertical-feature
Highlight a key feature of your product or service using this vertical display.
Wrapper (EB) – editor-blocks/wrapper
Add a background image or color to any block, as well as padding and margins.

Most of these blocks have their own documentation at Editor Blocks Demo