Updating to Gutenberg 10.0.x and Full Site Editing

For some time now (since June 2020) blocks.wp-a2z.org has been running Gutenberg 8.4.0. I’ve been preparing many updates to the site and intend to deliver these very soon.

I’m going to update to Gutenberg 10.0.x and switch the theme from a Genesis child theme to a Full Site Editing theme called Fizzie.

I’ve been developing Fizzie ( bobbingwide/fizzie ) since the middle of October, starting with Gutenberg 9 point something. I found a few bugs on the way and have raised issues and some PRs against Gutenberg. Since I started there have been over 28 new releases of Gutenberg. Some of the issues have been fixed, others are still sitting there. In order to keep Fizzie working I’ve implemented server side workarounds. Some of these may no longer be necessary.

Testing some of the new FSE blocks

The seconday purpose of this blog post is to check the functionality of a couple of the new FSE blocks: Post Tags – core/post-tagsPost Hierarchical Terms – core/post-hierarchical-terms. They’re included as part of the post in a Columns block.



If they’re working properly then you should also see the Category terms and Tags displayed below the post content. They’re part of the post-content.html template part used by single.html.

Conclusion: The Post Hierarchical Terms and Post Tags blocks only work in context of the main post. They do not appear to work when they are used in the Post content block, being displayed by a Query loop.