Update for Gutenberg v10.4.0

blocks.wp-a2z.org has now been updated to Gutenberg v10.4.0.

The Fizzie theme has been updated to attempt to make use of new logic to support blocks with full and wide alignment.

This post is written using a custom template called “Full width stuff” ( file name single-full.html ).

In theory this template should enable me to demonstrate blocks of different widths. It’s still very much an experimental feature of Full Site Editing, so I may have got the implementation all wrong.

Gutenberg 10.4.0 now supports over 35 blocks and block variations specifically developed for Full Site Editing. They should be catalogued in this website as blocks with a block classification of FSE.

Probably the most important block for Full Site Editing templates or template parts is the Query block.

Unfortunately, the Query block does not yet have enough functionality to display these FSE blocks; I need to be able to select posts of type block which are associated with the custom taxonomy block_classification with a value of FSE. Here we’ll just show the 3 most recent posts with a category of FSE, arranged in a 3 column grid, with alignment set to wide, on a (full width) light grey background. For each post in the grid the Featured image, Post title and Post excerpt have links to the post.