Gutenberg block catalogue updated

It’s been some months since I last updated the catalogue of blocks for the Gutenberg plugin.

Today I updated the change log for versions 10.7.0 to 11.6.0, added some documentation for the Row group variation of the Group block and the Submenu block.

You’ll notice that in the list of core blocks there are several new variations of the Core navigation link block that are listed but not catalogued.

Since WordPress 5.8 the server logic will render a variation of the navigation link block for each Custom Post Type and Taxonomy that supports show_in_nav_menus.

When creating a Navigation menu, rather than using a Custom link you can target the specific post type or taxonomy.

Navigation link selection – Block

Here’s an example horizontal menu with 5 items including two spacers, one each on either side of the Site Logo.

Having chosen a specific variation the items listed are of that post type or taxonomy.

Posts of selected post type