Improved patterns preview

There are now 158 WordPress block themes tagged full-site-editing on

Between them they deliver nearly 1,500 templates, over 650 template parts and over 2,200 patterns.

This site has been updated to improve the patterns preview.

Pattern preview in improved accordion showing 404 pattern for Twenty Twenty-Three
  • The single-oik-themes.html template now displays the post content as full width.
  • The accordion display on the Templates, Template parts and Patterns tabs now has improved accessibility for keyboard users.
  • When you click on the toggle or the pattern’s title the accordion item opens to display
    • A preview of the pattern, within an iframe
    • The pattern file name
    • The pattern’s Categories
    • The cached HTML for the pattern’s blocks.

I hope you appreciate the changes.

Note: The logic doesn’t yet support blocks which are implemented by recommended plugins.

Changes implemented

A number of plugins have been updated: oik base plugin, oik-patterns, oik-themes.

I’ve also corrected the Fizzie theme to prevent a Fatal error that was occurring on, which uses the Wizzie child theme.

And I’ve updated the oik-update plugin to enable cataloguing of the new default theme for WordPress 6.1 – Twenty Twenty-Three.

For details see my GitHub account bobbingwide.

Pattern preview using the WordPress theme repository

For the patterns preview on

  • View the themes tagged Full Site Editing by chosing Block Themes on
  • Choose a theme
  • Scroll to the Patterns: section
  • If necessary click on the Show all patterns link
  • Choose a pattern to preview and select it using keyboard, mouse or tapping.
  • The pattern will be displayed in theme preview page
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