The WordPress Blocks reference

A catalogue of blocks for the WordPress block editor and the plugins that deliver them. Use it to find the blocks you need for your website.

Built and maintained by Herb Miller @herb_miller.



Plugins catalogued


Blocks catalogued


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Caxton v1.23.0 delivers 13 blocks. Flex block, the newest block, was delivered in v1.20.0.


CoBlocks v1.26.3 delivers 50 blocks. These have been catalogued.

Code Syntax Block

Code Syntax Block v1.3.3 delivers 0 blocks. The plugin updates the code block.

Contact Form 7

The Contact Form 7 plugin does not provide any blocks. There are extension plugins that do allow the forms to be included.

Contact Widgets

Contact Widgets v1.7.0 delivers 2 blocks.

Cosmic Blocks

Cosmic Blocks v delivers 50 blocks. Cataloguing has not been started.

CP Blocks

CP Blocks v1.0.13 provides one block.

Custom Email Blocks for WooCommerce

Custom Email Blocks for WooCommerce v delivers 15 blocks. The catalogue is not started.

Custom Post Types Block

Custom Post Types Block v4.5.3 delivers 3 blocks.

Easy Digital Downloads

The Easy Digital Downloads plugin does not yet deliver blocks. You need the EDD-blocks plugin for the Downloads block.

Easy Digital Downloads – Blocks

The EDD blocks plugin delivers blocks for Easy Digital Downloads. EDD blocks v1.0.1 delivers one block.

Editor Blocks

Editor Blocks v1.2.0 delivers 12 blocks. These have now been catalogued.

Elegant Blocks – Amazing Gutenberg Blocks

Elegant Blocks – Amazing Gutenberg Blocks v delivers 20 blocks. The catalogue is under Construction.

Embed Block for GitHub

Embed Block for GitHub v0.2 delivers 1 blocks.

Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery Lite v delivers 1 blocks. It has been catalogued.

FF Block Gist Embed

FF Block Gist Embed v delivers 1 blocks.

Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing v delivers 10 blocks. The catalogue is not yet started.

Get Subpages List

Get Subpages List v1.0.0 delivers 1 blocks. The catalogue is populated.


Getwid v delivers 59 blocks. The catalogue is under Construction.

Ghost Kit

Ghost Kit v2.12.5 delivers 44 blocks. The block catalogue is populated but under construction.

gitblock — Github Block Plugin

gitblock — Github Block Plugin v1.1.0 delivers 2 blocks. The blocks have been indexed.


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