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WordPress Blocks

WordPress Blocks Reference


The WordPress Blocks reference

A catalogue of blocks for the WordPress block editor and the plugins that deliver them. Use it to find the blocks you need for your website.

Built and maintained by Herb Miller @herb_miller.



Plugins catalogued


Blocks catalogued


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gitblock — Github Block Plugin

gitblock — Github Block Plugin v1.1.0 delivers 2 blocks. The blocks have been indexed.

Google Maps Gutenberg block

Google Maps Gutenberg block v1.27 delivers 1 block.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms v2.4.10 provides one block that’s been catalogued.

GT Blocks

GT Blocks v1.3.1 delivers 14 blocks. The catalogue has not been indexed.

GT3 Photo Video Gallery

GT3 Photo Video Gallery v2.4.1.9 delivers 1 blocks.


GutenBee v2.4.0 delivers 23 blocks. The catalogue has not been populated.


Gutenberg v11.6.0 delivers 178 blocks, including variations and experimental blocks.

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library v1.5.4 delivers 14 blocks. The catalogue is still not under construction.

Gutenberg Blocks Design Library

The Gutenberg Blocks Design Library plugin doesn’t deliver blocks. It provides a plugin ( accessed from the editor sidebar ) that enables you to import 50 free designs.

Gutenberg PDF Viewer Block

Gutenberg PDF Viewer Block v0.1 delivers 1 blocks.

Gutenberg Ramp

Gutenberg Ramp does not deliver blocks. It can be used to selectively enable and disable Gutenberg by post type.

Hello Dolly

This plugin does not provide blocks. If you really want to, you can use the Magnetic poetry block to display a randomly selected line from Hello Dolly.

Insert Special Characters

Insert Special Characters v doesn’t deliver any blocks. It updates existing blocks adding a Special Characters tool icon.


Jetpack v10.1 delivers 33 blocks available in a development environment. When connected to you will find several more. A few of these are catalogued here.

Kadence blocks

Kadence blocks v1.8.5 delivers 15 blocks. The blocks have been catalogued.

Klarity read more block

Klarity read more block v1.1.2 delivers one block.

Layout Grid

Layout Grid v1.0.2 delivers 2 blocks.

Listicles by LezWatch.TV

Listicles by LezWatch.TV v delivers 4 blocks.

LSX Blocks

LSX Blocks v delivers 10 blocks. The blocks have not been indexed.

Magnetic Poetry

The Magnetic Poetry plugin provides one block.


Mailchimp for WordPress v delivers 1 blocks. The index is populated.


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