100 – core/columns

One column

Use the 100 block variation of the Columns block to create a 100% wide columns block.




  • Change vertical alignmentChange the vertical alignment of the columns
    • Vertically Align TopVertically align the columns
    • Vertically Align MiddleVertically align the columns to the middle
    • Vertically Align BottomVertically align the columns to the bottom
  • More optionsDisplay more options
    • Show More SettingsShow the block settings in the sidebar.
    • CopyCopy the block to the clipboard.
    • DuplicateUse Duplicate to create a copy of the block.
    • Insert AfterInsert a new block after the selected block(s).
    • Insert BeforeInsert a new block before the selected block(s).
    • Move To Use Move To to move a block. Up/Down or Left/Right
    • Edit as HTMLEdit the HTML of the block.
    • GroupTransform the selected block(s) into a group.
    • Add to Reusable blocksCreate a Reusable block.
    • Remove blockDelete the block.

Column transforms to:

  • Columns
  • Group