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My Favourite Block – Vanilla

My Favourite Block, by Herb Miller, is an extract from a lightning talk of the same name. This is the plain PDF version. ie. It’s just the poem.


My Favourite Block – Annotated

My Favourite Block – Annotated, by Herb Miller, is an extract from a lightning talk given at the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup in May 2019.



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  • Set the Downloads Per Page and Columns to display. Defaults: 9 and 3.
  • For Downloads there are toggles for: Buy Button, Price, Thumbnails, Excerpt, Full Content and Pagination.
  • The Excerpt must be explicitely defined. It’s not automatically extracted from the content.
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  • For Download you can select the Download Category.
  • For Categories there are toggles for: Thumbnails, Category Name, Category Description, Count and empty categories.
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