How-to – yoast/how-to-block

Create a How-to guide in an SEO-friendly way. You can only use one How-to block per post.

Use the How-to block to create a sequence of steps explaining how to do something.



Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to create a How-to block

  1. Insert a new How-to block

    Use whichever method you like to insert the How-to block.

  2. Add steps as required

    If you get the order wrong then you can move the steps about.

  3. Rearrange as needed

    Use the move step arrows that appear below each step.

  4. Add images to steps

    If needed use Add image. Note: Once you’ve inserted an image it’s difficult to change. If you need to change it select the inline image and press the delete key.

    You can’t have more than one inline image per step.

  5. Change the Time needed: label

    Use Advanced settings to change the label associated with the duration of the instruction.


  • The list of steps can be ordered or unordered.
  • Time needed does not need to be specified, and can be deleted.
  • Empty steps are not ignored. Steps 5. and 7. are empty. Note that the empty step 5 may appear to have been overlaid by step 6.
  • You can optionally specify CSS class names to apply to the steps.
  • Use Add image to insert an inline image, which can be sized.
  • See also notes in Step 4. above.