List – core/list

Create a bulleted or numbered list.

Use the List block to create lists: unordered, ordered, nested.



  • First bulleted item
  • Second item
    • Nested bulleted item
  • Third bulleted item
    1. Nested ordered item
    2. Second nested ordered item


  • Unordered lists are also known as bulleted.
  • You can switch from ordered to unordered and vice-versa.
  • Convert to unordered listConvert the list to a bulleted/ unordered list
  • Convert to ordered listConvert the selected list to an ordered list
  • Outdent list itemOutdent the selected list item
  • Indent list itemIndent the selected list item
  • BoldUse Bold to mark selected text as bold.
  • ItalicUse Italic to mark selected text as italic.
  • LinkUse Link to create a hyperlink to your highlighted text.
  • More rich text controlsFind more text controls in this dropdown.
    • Inline codeUse inline code feature to format code snippets within your text.
    • Inline imageInsert an inline image.
    • StrikethroughUse Strikethrough to strikethrough the selected text.
    • SubscriptUse Subscript to add subscript to your highlighted text.
    • SuperscriptUse Superscript to add superscript to your highlighted text.
    • Text colorUse Text color to change the color of the selected text
  • More optionsDisplay more options
    • Show More SettingsShow the block settings in the sidebar.
    • CopyCopy the block to the clipboard.
    • DuplicateUse Duplicate to create a copy of the block.
    • Insert AfterInsert a new block after the selected block(s).
    • Insert BeforeInsert a new block before the selected block(s).
    • Move To Use Move To to move a block. Up/Down or Left/Right
    • Edit as HTMLEdit the HTML of the block.
    • GroupTransform the selected block(s) into a group.
    • Add to Reusable blocksCreate a Reusable block.
    • Remove blockDelete the block.

List transforms to:

  • Columns
  • Group
  • Paragraph
  • Heading
  • Quote
  • Pullquote