Map – webfactory/map

Simple yet powerfull map block powered by Google Maps.

Use the Map block to display a Google Maps map.




  • Displays the map centred on the business you select.
  • Shows business information box.
  • You can set the Zoom level from 1 to 21, default 10.
  • You can set the Map height from 50 to 1000. Default 300 pixels.
  • It uses the Google Maps Embed API.
  • This requires an API key which is valid for the Embed API.
  • The plugin offers a sample key ( AIzaSyAjyDspiPfzEfjRSS5fQzm-3jHFjHxeXB4 ) that works.
  • I’ve been unable to change the sample key to my own key using copy/paste on my iPad.
  • If the API Key is invalid you can get the following messages:
  • Google Maps Platform rejected your request. This API project is not authorized to use this API.
  • Google Maps Platform rejected your request. The provided API key is invalid.