More – core/more

Content before this block will be shown in the excerpt on your archives page.

Use the More block when you want to write a teaser for your content and don’t need to write a separate Excerpt.


Please set featured image


See the screenshot above.


  • Change the READ MORE text as required.
  • There is an option to Hide the teaser before the More block.
  • By default this option is not selected.
  • When the option is chosen then content before the tag is not displayed when the post is viewed in full.
  • You’re only allowed to use the More block once per post, even if the post has multiple pages.
  • More optionsDisplay more options
    • Show More SettingsShow the block settings in the sidebar.
    • CopyCopy the block to the clipboard.
    • DuplicateUse Duplicate to create a copy of the block.
    • Insert AfterInsert a new block after the selected block(s).
    • Insert BeforeInsert a new block before the selected block(s).
    • Move To Use Move To to move a block. Up/Down or Left/Right
    • Edit as HTMLEdit the HTML of the block.
    • GroupTransform the selected block(s) into a group.
    • Add to Reusable blocksCreate a Reusable block.
    • Remove blockDelete the block.

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