Paragraph – core/paragraph

Start with the building block of all narrative.

Use the Paragraph block to write sentences. You can choose the font size, colour and whether or not the first letter should be a Drop Cap.

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A paragraph is one or more sentences of text. Words can be made bold or emphasised. Links can be included. e.g. For other blocks see the Blocks catalog.

Paragraphs support the Inline image block.


  • The Paragraph block is the most commonly used block.
  • When you press Enter a new block is created.
  • Paragraphs support inline images.
  • As you can see, lists support inline images too.
  • Shortcodes can also be used.
  • See also Heading and List.
  • Change text alignmentUse Change text alignment to choose how to align the text.
    • Align text leftUse the Align text left drop-down from the toolbar to align text to the left.
    • Align text centreAlign content centrally.
    • Align text rightUse the Align text right drop-down from the toolbar to align text to the right.
  • BoldUse Bold to mark selected text as bold.
  • ItalicUse Italic to mark selected text as italic.
  • LinkUse Link to create a hyperlink to your highlighted text.
  • More rich text controlsFind more text controls in this dropdown.
    • Inline codeUse inline code feature to format code snippets within your text.
    • Inline imageInsert an inline image.
    • StrikethroughUse Strikethrough to strikethrough the selected text.
    • SubscriptUse Subscript to add subscript to your highlighted text.
    • SuperscriptUse Superscript to add superscript to your highlighted text.
    • Text colourUse Text colour to change the colour of the selected text
  • More optionsDisplay more options
    • Show More SettingsShow the block settings in the sidebar.
    • CopyCopy the block to the clipboard.
    • DuplicateUse Duplicate to create a copy of the block.
    • Insert AfterInsert a new block after the selected block(s).
    • Insert BeforeInsert a new block before the selected block(s).
    • Move To Use Move To to move a block. Up/Down or Left/Right
    • Edit as HTMLEdit the HTML of the block.
    • GroupTransform the selected block(s) into a group.
    • Add to Reusable blocksCreate a Reusable block.
    • Remove blockDelete the block.

Paragraph transforms to:

  • CSS
  • GeSHi
  • Heading
  • List
  • Quote
  • Group
  • Preformatted
  • Pullquote
  • Verse

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