Post Content – core/post-content

Displays the contents of a post or page.

Use the Post Content block very carefully.



This example shows the first post for the Query Loop block displaying post type Page ordered by ascending title.

  • About the WordPress Block Reference


    This page gives you a brief introduction to this WordPress Block Reference. The website, a sub-domain of, is a catalogue of Blocks and Themes that have been developed for the WordPress Block editor aka Gutenberg.



  • The Post Content block is intended for use in Templates and Template parts.
  • It can also be used in a Query block.
  • If you add the block directly into a post then it will display: Block cannot be rendered inside itself.
  • The Post Content block was one of those blocks that can go recursive.
  • There’s an issue about this: WordPress/gutenberg#26923.
  • The Fizzie theme includes its own recursion detection
  • The output below is from the post-content block that’s been inserted directly into this post.
Content not available; already processed.
core/template-part post-content:fizzie:0,core/post-content 3148