Post Content – core/post-content

Use the Post Content block very carefully.



  • How to create Comments blocks in Gutenberg 11.9.0

    The Comments blocks in Gutenberg 11.9.0 are slightly different from those delivered in earlier versions of Gutenberg.

    Initially I couldn’t get them to work at all, but I think I’ve found a technique that might help me to document them.



  • The Post Content block is one of those blocks that can go recursive.
  • The Post Content block is intended for use in Templates and Template parts.
  • It can also be used in a Query block.
  • If used in normal content it may cause an infinite loop resulting in a Fatal error.
  • This was a known issue in Gutenberg 9.x
  • I created one automatically and it all went tits up with Gutenberg 10.0.0
  • I thought it had been fixed.
  • I must have been mistaken.
  • I’ve updated the issue WordPress/gutenberg#26923.