Posts Grid – sgb/posts-grid

Display a grid or list of customizable posts.

Use the Posts Grid block to display a grid of posts.


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  • My Favourite Block revisited

    Herb Miller
    In May 2019 I wrote a poem entitled My Favourite Block which I presented as part of a Lightning talk at the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup. It covered 25 or so Gutenberg blocks. Half of the blocks were WordPress core blocks. The others were blocks I’d written myself. Today I’m preparing a list for the WordPress…
  • FSE theme statistics 5th February 2022

    Herb Miller
    These charts display the FSE theme statistics as of 5th February 2022. The charts show: Top 50 themes – total downloads: Total downloads in thousands by theme.Grouped by total downloads: A summary of the number of themes that have achieved a total downloads figure in ranges grouped in factors of 10.FSE theme count: Accumulative count…
  • What’s new in WordPress 5.9

    Herb Miller
    WordPress 5.9 “Joséphine”, released on 25th January 2022, delivers the first bundled FSE theme Twenty Twenty-Two and the Full Site Editor to enable users to customise their FSE themes to their hearts content. Major changes The About WordPress page lists the major changes Site Editor beta Twenty Twenty-TwoGlobal stylesNavigation blockBetter block controlsPatternsRevamped List ViewBetter Gallery…
  • How to create Comments blocks in Gutenberg 11.9.0

    Herb Miller
    The Comments blocks in Gutenberg 11.9.0 are slightly different from those delivered in earlier versions of Gutenberg. Initially I couldn’t get them to work at all, but I think I’ve found a technique that might help me to document them. The problem I was attempting to document each of the new Comments related blocks: [blocks…


  • When Gutenberg 8.2.1 is active this block displays This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.
  • Only works for Posts, not pages or other post types.
  • Pretty much like many other Posts Grid blocks.
  • Doesn’t appear to display the Posts Excerpt when using the editor, but it works on the front end.