Posts Grid – sgb/posts-grid

Display a grid or list of customizable posts.

Use the Posts Grid block to display a grid of posts.


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  • How to create Comments blocks in Gutenberg 11.9.0

    Herb Miller
    The Comments blocks in Gutenberg 11.9.0 are slightly different from those delivered in earlier versions of Gutenberg. Initially I couldn’t get them to work at all, but I think I’ve found a technique that might help me to document them. The problem I was attempting to document each of the new Comments related blocks: [blocks…
  • Fizzie v0.5.0 – changes for Gutenberg v10.4.0

    Herb Miller
    In order to be able to upgrade to Gutenberg v10.4.0 I needed to make some changes to the Fizzie theme. I wanted to be able to: properly support full and wide width alignment.document all the new blocks for Full Site Editing. remove some of the override logic that I no longer needed. Summary of changes…
  • Update for Gutenberg v10.4.0

    Herb Miller
    A summary of updates to for Gutenberg 10.4.0 and Fizzie v0.5.0.
  • Changing the width of the editor

    Herb Miller
    How do you control the width of the block editor? Define an editor styles file.Edit the CSS to set the max-width for the different block widths you allow. We’ll show the CSS first. Edit the CSS Here we set the width of the block editor to the same values as defined for the front-end. When…


  • When Gutenberg 8.2.1 is active this block displays This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.
  • Only works for Posts, not pages or other post types.
  • Pretty much like many other Posts Grid blocks.
  • Doesn’t appear to display the Posts Excerpt when using the editor, but it works on the front end.