Site Logo – core/site-logo

Useful for displaying a graphic mark, design, or symbol to represent the site. Once a site logo is set, it can be reused in different places and templates. It should not be confused with the site icon, which is the small image used in the dashboard, browser tabs, public search results, etc, to help recognize a site.

Use the Site Logo block to display your site’s logo.



In these examples the source image size was 256 x 256 px.

Site logo – initial size

Site logo image width: 256.

Style: Rounded

Site logo – header size

Image width: initially unspecified

Should be 64px

Style: Default

Site logo – footer size

Image width: 48px


  • Styles are: Default, Rounded.
  • Settings include: Image width. The unit’s not specified; assuming pixels.
  • Default size: unclear.
  • With Gutenberg 10.4.0 the logo is incorrectly sized on the front end.
  • It used to be possible to Delete the Site Logo. This toolbar option was no longer present in Gutenberg 10.4.0
  • Change alignmentUse Change alignment to choose the alignment
    • Align leftAlign to the left
    • Align centerAlign in the center
    • Align rightAlign to the right
    • Wide widthIncrease the width of the block beyond the content size. Requires theme support.
    • Full widthExtend the block to cover the full width of the screen. Requires theme support.
  • ReplaceReplaceReplace the existing file.
  • Delete Site LogoRemove the site logo image.

Site Logo transforms to:

  • Columns
  • Group