UK tides – uk-tides/uk-tides

Tide times and heights

Use the UK tides block to display tide times and heights for a UK port near you. Choose from two sites providing tide times information, with over 700 ports.



Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) on
24th May 2024
00:32 High Tide ( 4.49m )
05:47 Low Tide ( 1.12m )
12:59 High Tide ( 4.42m )
18:01 Low Tide ( 1.29m )


  • This server side rendered dynamic block is significantly easier to use than the [bw_tides] shortcode. A win for Gutenberg!
  • Select the server site from the Site selection list: or
  • Select the Port from the Port selection list. There are over 700 to choose from.
  • Some of the Ports are only supported by one Site… I’m working on a list of the differences! In a future version the selection list will indicate the required site when only one supports a particular Port.
  • You can use this block multiple times in a post.
  • For requirements and status see bobbingwide/oik-block#19 and bobbingwide/uk-tides#7.
  • This block replaces UK Tides – oik-block/uk-tides.