Unrecognized Block – core/missing

( Not insertable )
Your site doesn’t include support for this block.

An Unrecognized Block, commonly referred to as a Missing block, is a block which is not recognised by the editor.



When displayed in the editor the text will be something like this.

Your site doesn’t include support for the “namespace/blockname” block. You can leave this block intact or remove it entirely.


  • An Unrecognised block is displayed in the editor when the block type name is not registered.
  • This may occur if a plugin has been deactivated or a new version of a plugin no longer supports the original block name. For example when a deprecated block has finally been removed.
  • Missing dynamic blocks may not display anything at all on the front end.
  • To create a missing block manually use the code editor. e.g.
<!-- wp:oik-mp/magnetic-poetry {"content":""} /-->