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Use the WordPress block to embed a post from a WordPress website.



Embedded content from WordPress


Twitter – twitter
Embed a tweet.
YouTube – youtube
Embed a YouTube video.
Facebook – facebook
Embed a Facebook post.
Instagram – instagram
Embed an Instagram post.
WordPress – wordpress
Embed a WordPress post.
SoundCloud – soundcloud
Embed SoundCloud content.
Spotify – spotify
Embed Spotify content.
Flickr – flickr
Embed Flickr content.
Vimeo – vimeo
Embed a Vimeo video.
Animoto – animoto
Embed an Animoto video.
Cloudup – cloudup
Embed Cloudup content.
CollegeHumor – collegehumor
Embed CollegeHumor content.
Crowdsignal – crowdsignal
Embed Crowdsignal (formerly Polldaddy) content.
Dailymotion – dailymotion
Embed a Dailymotion video.
Imgur – imgur
Embed Imgur content.
Issuu – issuu
Embed Issuu content.
Kickstarter – kickstarter
Embed Kickstarter content.
Meetup.com – meetup-com
Embed Meetup.com content.
Mixcloud – mixcloud
Embed Mixcloud content.
Reddit – reddit
Embed a Reddit thread.
ReverbNation – reverbnation
Embed ReverbNation content.
Screencast – screencast
Embed Screencast content.
Scribd – scribd
Embed Scribd content.
Slideshare – slideshare
Embed Slideshare content.
SmugMug – smugmug
Embed SmugMug content.
Speaker Deck – speaker-deck
Embed Speaker Deck content.
TikTok – tiktok
Embed a TikTok video.
TED – ted
Embed a TED video.
Tumblr – tumblr
Embed a Tumblr post.
VideoPress – videopress
Embed a VideoPress video.
WordPress.tv – wordpress-tv
Embed a WordPress.tv video.
Amazon Kindle – amazon-kindle
Embed Amazon Kindle content.