Block letter: W

Cover block with parallax

Block icon example – with styles

Wide width and Full width images?

Horizontal navigation menu with drop downs

WordPress – core/social-link

Waves – a8c/waves

Contents List within a page – nhsblocks/contentslistpage

Widget Area – core/widget-area

Website – coblocks/field-website

Two Thirds Width – nhsblocks/twothirds

Three Quarter Width – nhsblocks/threequarters

One Third Width – nhsblocks/onethird

One Quarter Width – nhsblocks/onequarter

One Half Width – nhsblocks/onehalf

List Item with Tick – nhsblocks/doitem

List Item with Cross – nhsblocks/dontitem

WordPress – oik-bbw/wp

WordPress – core/social-link-wordpress

Core navigation link with inline image

Table with a dozen columns

WPForms – wpforms/form-selector

Woo Products – advgb/woo-products

Legacy Widget (Experimental) – core/legacy-widget – core-embed/wordpress-tv

WordPress – core-embed/wordpress

WordPress – oik-block/wp

Website card preview – advanced-gutenberg-blocks/card

Wrapper (EB) – editor-blocks/wrapper

Cover with button – caxton/hero

Website – jetpack/field-url