ACF Blocks

ACF Blocks v1.6.0 delivers 17 blocks. These are under construction.


Supercharge your Gutenberg editor with high quality beautiful WordPress blocks. Ready-to-use ACF Blocks!

Accordion – acf/acfb-accordion
Add accordion content in your pages/posts.
Click To Tweet – acf/acfb-clicktotweet
Add a tweet-able quote to let your reader tweet with 1-click.
Counter Number – acf/acfb-counternumber
Display stats with animated counter numbers.
Image Slider – acf/acfb-image-slider
Display your images as a slider or carousel.
Multi Buttons – acf/acfb-multibuttons
Display multiple buttons inline with ease.
Photo Collage – acf/acfb-photocollage
Display beautiful photo collage using pre-made templates.
Posts – acf/acfb-posts
Display a grid or list of your blog posts.
Price List – acf/acfb-pricelist
Display price list for any product easily.
Pricing Box – acf/acfb-pricingbox
Display your plans and offers in style.
Progress Bar – acf/acfb-progressbar
Show your progress using percentage defined progress bars.
Scrollable Image – acf/acfb-scrollable-image
Add Scrollable Image in your pages/posts.
Social Sharing – acf/acfb-socialsharing
Super fast and customizable Social Media Sharing Buttons for WordPress. No JavaScript. No tracking.
Star Rating – acf/acfb-starrating
Add start ratings anywhere easily.
Tabs – acf/acfb-tabs
Add tabbed content in your posts/pages.
Team – acf/acfb-team
Introduce your team to your site visitors in style.
Testimonial – acf/acfb-testimonial
Let others know what your clients or customers say about you.
Toggle – acf/acfb-toggle
Add toggleable content in your pages/posts.

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Gutenberg Blocks – ACF Blocks Suite
Supercharge your Gutenberg editor with high-quality creative Gutenberg Blocks. Ready-to-use ACF Blocks!
July 12, 2023


  • ACF Blocks depends on Advanced Custom Fields PRO.
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO can be used to create blocks.


Last updated:

November 12, 2019