Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg v2.12.0 delivers 28 blocks. The catalogue contains each block, but some block’s descriptions are incomplete.


Enhanced tools for Gutenberg editor By JoomUnited.

Accordion – advgb/accordion ( Not insertable )
Easy to create an accordion for your post/page.
Accordion Item – advgb/accordion-item
Easy to create an accordion for your post/page.
Adv. Column – advgb/column ( Not insertable )
Column in row.
Advanced Accordion – advgb/accordions
Easy to create an accordion for your post/page.
Advanced Button – advgb/button
New button with more styles.
Advanced Icon – advgb/icon
Advanced icon block with more options and styles.
Advanced Image – advgb/image
Advanced image/photo block with more options and styles.
Advanced List – advgb/list
List block with custom icons and styles.
Advanced Table – advgb/table
Advanced table block with more styles and functions.
Advanced Tabs – advgb/adv-tabs
Create your own tabs never easy like this.
Advanced Video – advgb/video
Powerful block for insert and embed video.
Columns Manager – advgb/columns
Row layout with columns you decided.
Contact Form – advgb/contact-form
Fastest way to create a contact form for your page.
Container – advgb/container
Block for containing other blocks.
Content Display – advgb/recent-posts
Displays your content in grid, list, slider, frontpage, newspaper, and masonry views with beautiful layouts and styles.
Count Up – advgb/count-up
Make a block with animate counting numbers.
Images Slider – advgb/images-slider
Display your images in a slider.
Info Box – advgb/infobox
Advanced icon block with more options and styles.
Login/Register Form – advgb/login-form
Create a login form for your post/page.
Map – advgb/map
Block for inserting location map.
Newsletter – advgb/newsletter
Fastest way to create a newsletter form for your page.
Search Bar – advgb/search-bar
Easy to create a search bar for your site.
Social Links – advgb/social-links
Insert your social link with icon.
Tab Item – advgb/tab

Table of Contents – advgb/summary
Show the table of contents of current post/page.
Tabs – advgb/tabs ( Not insertable )
Create your own tabs never easy like this.
Testimonial – advgb/testimonial
Block for creating personal or team/group information.
Woo Products – advgb/woo-products
Listing your products in a easy way.

Plugin name and descriptionPlugin linksVersion, total downloads, last update, tested
Gutenberg Blocks – PublishPress Blocks Gutenberg Editor Plugin
PublishPress Blocks include accordions, galleries, sliders, tabs, maps and more. Plus it has the best content display block in WordPress.
August 3, 2022


  • The Advanced Gutenberg plugin has its own editor stylesheet that increases the width of the editor area and decreases the width of the sidebar.



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April 10, 2022



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