Caxton v1.23.0 delivers 13 blocks. Flex block, the newest block, was delivered in v1.20.0.


Caxton is a collection of awesome blocks that makes it easy for you to create beautiful WordPress pages.

Button – caxton/super-button

Caxton Layouts – caxton/grid

Caxton section – caxton/section

Cover with button – caxton/hero

Flex blocks (beta) – caxton/flex

Horizontal blocks (deprecated) – caxton/horizontal

Icon – caxton/super-icon

Posts grid – caxton/posts-grid

Shape Divider – caxton/divider

Slider – caxton/slider

Social share icons – caxton/social-share-icons

Super Hero – caxton/super-hero

Super Text – caxton/super-text

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Caxton – Create Pro page layouts in Gutenberg
Caxton bring to you super useful blocks which make your Gutenberg more and more powerful.
March 8, 2021


Caxton does not provide block descriptions for their blocks.

Caxton is a page layout plugin for Gutenberg. Caxton makes it easy to layout your pages in any grid configuration, and then add blocks within your layout. Caxton layouts support nesting of rows, row backgrounds, and is fully responsive.

Caxton also contains a growing library of blocks to enhance your layouts, including Posts Grid, Slider, Button, Hero, Social Icons and Shape Divider.

Published: | Last updated: May 30, 2020



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