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CoBlocks v1.26.3 delivers 50 blocks. These have been catalogued.


Accordion – coblocks/accordion
Organize content within collapsable accordion items.
Accordion Item – coblocks/accordion-item
Add collapsable accordion items to accordions.
Alert – coblocks/alert
Provide contextual feedback messages or notices.
Author – coblocks/author
Add an author biography to build credibility and authority.
Buttons – coblocks/buttons
Prompt visitors to take action with multiple buttons, side by side.
Carousel – coblocks/gallery-carousel
Display multiple images in a beautiful carousel gallery.
Checkbox – coblocks/field-checkbox
A checkbox field with multiple options where multiple choices can be made.
Click to Tweet – coblocks/click-to-tweet
Add a quote for readers to tweet via Twitter.
Collage – coblocks/gallery-collage
Assemble images into a beautiful collage gallery.
Column – coblocks/column
An immediate child of a row.
Date – coblocks/field-date
A field for requesting date selections with a date picker.
Dynamic HR – coblocks/dynamic-separator
Add a resizable spacer between other blocks.
Email – coblocks/field-email
A field for collecting a validated email address.
Event Item – coblocks/event-item
An event within the events block.
Events – coblocks/events
Add a list of events or display events from a public calendar.
Feature – coblocks/feature
A singular child column within a parent features block.
Features – coblocks/features
Add up to four columns of small notes for your product or service.
Food & Drinks – coblocks/food-and-drinks
Display a menu or price list.
Food Item – coblocks/food-item
A food and drink item within the Food & Drinks block.
Form – coblocks/form
Add a contact form to your page.
Gif – coblocks/gif
Pick a gif, any gif.
Gist – coblocks/gist
Embed GitHub gists by adding a gist link.
Hero – coblocks/hero
An introductory area of a page accompanied by a small amount of text and a call to action.
Hidden – coblocks/field-hidden
A hidden text field for collecting additional data.
Highlight – coblocks/highlight
Draw attention and emphasize important narrative.
Icon – coblocks/icon
Add a stylized graphic symbol to communicate something more.
Logos & Badges – coblocks/logos
Add logos, badges, or certifications to build credibility.
Map – coblocks/map
Add an address or location to drop a pin on a Google map.
Masonry – coblocks/gallery-masonry
Display multiple images in an organized masonry gallery.
Media Card – coblocks/media-card
Add an image or video with an offset card side-by-side.
Name – coblocks/field-name
A text field for collecting the first and last names.
Offset – coblocks/gallery-offset
Display images in an offset brick pattern gallery.
Phone – coblocks/field-phone
A phone number to allow visitors to give you a phone number.
Post Carousel – coblocks/post-carousel
Display posts or an external blog feed as a carousel.
Posts – coblocks/posts
Display posts or an RSS feed as stacked or horizontal cards.
Pricing Table – coblocks/pricing-table
Add pricing tables to help visitors compare products and plans.
Pricing Table Item – coblocks/pricing-table-item
A pricing table to help visitors compare products and plans.
Radio – coblocks/field-radio
A field with multiple options where only one choice can be made.
Row – coblocks/row
Add a structured wrapper for column blocks, then add content blocks you’d like to the columns.
Select – coblocks/field-select
A dropdown field with multiple options where only one choice can be made.
Service – coblocks/service
A single service item within a services block.
Services – coblocks/services
Add up to four columns of services to display.
Shape Divider – coblocks/shape-divider
Add a shape divider to visually distinquish page sections.
Share – coblocks/social
Add social sharing links to help you get likes and shares.
Social Profiles – coblocks/social-profiles
Grow your audience with links to social media profiles.
Stacked – coblocks/gallery-stacked
Display multiple images in a single column stacked gallery.
Submit – coblocks/field-submit-button
A button for submitting form data.
Text – coblocks/field-text
A text box for custom responses.
Textarea – coblocks/field-textarea
A text box for longer responses.
Website – coblocks/field-website
A text field for collecting a URL.

Plugin name and descriptionPlugin linksVersion, total downloads, last update, tested
Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks
CoBlocks is a suite of page builder WordPress blocks for Gutenberg, with 10+ new blocks and a true page builder experience with rows and columns.
July 23, 2021


  • CoBlocks extends the standard toolbar adding tools to Change Typography of the complete block: font, weight, transform, etc.
  • Other tools allow you to mark selected content as uppercase and/or as code.
  • You can also change the list style to Checkbox.
  • CoBlocks used to provide a Manage Blocks tool allow you to decide which blocks you want to use.

Published: | Last updated: May 31, 2020


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