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100 – coblocks/row
Add a structured wrapper for column blocks, then add content blocks you’d like to the columns.
Accordion – coblocks/accordion
Organize content within collapsable accordion items.
Accordion item – coblocks/accordion-item
Add collapsable accordion items to accordions.
Alert – coblocks/alert
Provide contextual feedback messages.
Author – coblocks/author
Add an author biography.
Buttons – coblocks/buttons
Prompt visitors to take action with multiple buttons, side by side.
Carousel – coblocks/gallery-carousel
Display multiple images in a beautiful carousel gallery.
Checkbox – coblocks/field-checkbox
A checkbox field with multiple options where multiple choices can be made.
Click to Tweet – coblocks/click-to-tweet
Add a quote for readers to tweet via Twitter.
Collage – coblocks/gallery-collage
Assemble images into a beautiful collage gallery.


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September 26, 2022