Elegant Blocks – Amazing Gutenberg Blocks

Elegant Blocks – Amazing Gutenberg Blocks v delivers 20 blocks. The catalogue is under Construction.


Elegant Blocks is an assemblage of unique blocks specifically designed for CycloneThemes Themes.

Accordion – elegant-blocks-plugin/accordion

Blog – elegant-blocks-plugin/blog-1

Call To Action – elegant-blocks-plugin/calltoaction

Clients – elegant-blocks-plugin/clients

Count Up – elegant-blocks-plugin/countup
Showcase your stats. Display how many customers you have or the number of downloads of your app.
EB Container – elegant-blocks-plugin/eb-container
Containers are the most basic layout element and are required when using default grid system.
Heading – elegant-blocks-plugin/heading
This block lets you add a combination of a heading and a sub-heading with a separator in between.
Image Grid – elegant-blocks-plugin/gallery

Instagram – elegant-blocks-plugin/instagram

Map – elegant-blocks-plugin/map
Add a customized Google map to your WordPress site quickly and easily with the supplied option.
Pricing Table – elegant-blocks-plugin/pricing-table

Progress Bar – elegant-blocks-plugin/progress-bar

Services – elegant-blocks-plugin/services

Shape Divider – elegant-blocks-plugin/shape-divider
Create a nice looking site by adding trendy shapes to your sections which connect them with the other section.
Slider – elegant-blocks-plugin/slider

Social Icons – elegant-blocks-plugin/social-icons

Tabs – elegant-blocks-plugin/tabs

Team – elegant-blocks-plugin/team

Testimonial – elegant-blocks-plugin/testimonials

Text – elegant-blocks-plugin/text
Show text in grid layout.

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  • This plugin delivers CSS that changes the theme’s display.


Last updated:

June 11, 2020