Essential Blocks

Essential Blocks v4.5.0 delivers 32 blocks.


The Ultimate Blocks Library for WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Accordion block – essential-blocks/accordion
Display your FAQs & improve user experience with Accordion/Toggle block
Advanced Heading – essential-blocks/advanced-heading
Create advanced heading with title, subtitle and separator controls
Advanced Tabs – essential-blocks/advanced-tabs
Display nested tabs to display key information on an instance in an interactive manner.
Button block – essential-blocks/button
Create a stunning button through the button block. You can make it look outstanding by adding exclusive button styles & effects and add links to redirect your visitors to a specific page.
Call To Action – essential-blocks/call-to-action
Call to action lets you create an interactive CTA for the website to draw visitor’s attention on the spot.
Column – essential-blocks/column ( Not insertable )

Countdown – essential-blocks/countdown
Highlight upcoming events with countdown timer
Dual Button – essential-blocks/dual-button
Create two buttons to be stacked together
Feature List – essential-blocks/feature-list
Make your website interactive with feature list.
Flipbox – essential-blocks/flipbox
Deliver your content beautifully to grab site visitor’s attention.
Fluent Forms – essential-blocks/fluent-forms
Design your Forms container, fields and choose preferred form layout to style Fluent Forms
Image Comparison – essential-blocks/image-comparison
Let the visitors compare images & make your website interactive.
Image Gallery – essential-blocks/image-gallery
Impress your audience with high-resolution images
Infobox – essential-blocks/infobox
Deliver your content beautifully to grab attention with an animated Infobox block.
Instagram Feed – essential-blocks/instagram-feed
Showcase instagram posts for your web visitors.
Interactive Promo – essential-blocks/interactive-promo
EB Interactive Promo lets you decorate your website outlook with its amazing Promo effects
Notice – essential-blocks/notice
Put spotlight on news, announcements & let the visitors find it easily
Number Counter – essential-blocks/number-counter
Put spotlight in important data using Counter block for Gutenberg. Customize the designs by adding proper Animation effects with flexibility and many more!
Parallax Slider – essential-blocks/parallax-slider
Create a captivating visual experience & impress your audience
Post Grid – essential-blocks/post-grid
Create a stunning and interactive visualization for your blogs in a grid layout
Pricing Table – essential-blocks/pricing-table
The pricing table block will let you create an effective product pricing table with perfect styling to get more sales from your prospective buyers.
Progress Bar – essential-blocks/progress-bar
Make your website interactive with stunning progress bars.
Row – essential-blocks/row
Create complex Row layouts with plenty of styling controls & responsive options
Slider – essential-blocks/slider
Display multiple images and content in beautiful slider & reduce page scroll
Social Icons – essential-blocks/social
Add icon links to your social media profiles and grow your audience with animated social icons
Tab – essential-blocks/tab ( Not insertable )

Table Of Contents – essential-blocks/table-of-contents
Insert Table of Contents on your posts/pages and enhance user experience on your WordPress website
Team Members – essential-blocks/team-member
Present your team members beautifully & gain instant credibility
Testimonial – essential-blocks/testimonial
Display testimonials & gain instant credibility
Toggle Content – essential-blocks/toggle-content
Toggle Contents or blocks with a beautiful switcher.
Typing Text – essential-blocks/typing-text
Make your website interactive with typing text animation.
Wrapper – essential-blocks/wrapper
This is a wrapper block for other blocks within it.


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Essential Blocks – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks, Patterns & Templates
The Essential Blocks Library for WordPress Gutenberg Editor.
April 9, 2024


  • Another collection of blocks with some similar to those found in page builders.


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April 10, 2022