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Ghost Kit - WordPress Blocks

Ghost Kit

The Ghost Kit block plugin v3.1.2 delivers 47 blocks.


Accordion – ghostkit/accordion
Toggle the visibility of content across your project.
Alert – ghostkit/alert
Provide contextual feedback messages for user actions.
Button – ghostkit/button-single ( Not insertable )
A single button within a buttons wrapper block.
Buttons – ghostkit/button
Change important links to buttons to get more click rate.
Carousel – ghostkit/carousel
Carousel for any type of content – images or other blocks.
Changelog – ghostkit/changelog
Show the changes log of your product.
Checkbox – ghostkit/form-field-checkbox
Form field checkbox.
Column – ghostkit/grid-column ( Not insertable )
A single column within a grid block.
Countdown – ghostkit/countdown
Countdown timer for upcoming event.
Date – ghostkit/form-field-date
Form field date.
Divider – ghostkit/divider
Divide your long texts and blocks.
Email – ghostkit/form-field-email
Form field email.
Form – ghostkit/form
Add contact form to your page with reCaptcha.
GIF – ghostkit/gif
Search for and insert an animated image.
GitHub Gist – ghostkit/gist
Embed code parts form GitHub Gist to your site or documentation.
Google Maps – ghostkit/google-maps
Show maps with custom styles, markers and settings.
Grid – ghostkit/grid
Responsive grid block to build layouts of all shapes and sizes thanks to a twelve column system. Visual columns size and order change.
Hidden – ghostkit/form-field-hidden
Form field hidden.
Icon Box – ghostkit/icon-box
Icons are one of the best visual replacement for text descriptions.
Image Compare – ghostkit/image-compare
Compare two images with a slider.
Instagram – ghostkit/instagram
Show Instagram feed and user data.
Item – ghostkit/accordion-item ( Not insertable )
A single item within a accordion block.
Markdown – ghostkit/markdown
Lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax.
Name – ghostkit/form-field-name
Form field name.
Number – ghostkit/form-field-number
Form field number.
Number Box – ghostkit/counter-box
Show your progress and rewards using counting numbers.
Phone – ghostkit/form-field-phone
Form field phone.
Pricing Table – ghostkit/pricing-table
Sell your products or services and show all features.
Pricing Table Item – ghostkit/pricing-table-item ( Not insertable )
A single item within a pricing table block.
Progress – ghostkit/progress
Show the progress of your work, skills or earnings.
Radio – ghostkit/form-field-radio
Form field radio.
Select – ghostkit/form-field-select
Form field select.
Shape Divider – ghostkit/shape-divider
Decorations for section shapes.
Slide – ghostkit/carousel-slide ( Not insertable )
A single slide within a carousel block.
Submit Button – ghostkit/form-submit-button
Form submit button.
Tab – ghostkit/tabs-tab-v2 ( Not insertable )
A single tab within a tabs block.
Tab – ghostkit/tabs-tab ( Not insertable )
A single tab within a tabs block.
Table of Contents – ghostkit/table-of-contents
Automatically generate a table of contents by parsing page headers in content.
Tabs – ghostkit/tabs-v2
Separate content on the tabs with titles.
Tabs (legacy) – ghostkit/tabs ( Not insertable )
Testimonial – ghostkit/testimonial
Show how your users love your products and what saying.
Text – ghostkit/form-field-text
Form field text.
Textarea – ghostkit/form-field-textarea
Form field textarea.
Twitter – ghostkit/twitter
Show Twitter feed and user data.
URL – ghostkit/form-field-url
Form field url.
Video – ghostkit/video
Plain and Fullscreen YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted videos.
Widgetized Area – ghostkit/widgetized-area
Select registered sidebars and put it in any place.


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Ghost Kit – Page Builder Blocks & Extensions
Ghost Kit is the powerful page building experience for WordPress.
March 15, 2024

The Ghost Kit block plugin is a blocks collection and extension for Gutenberg. In addition to the blocks it provides 5 block editor plugins: Templates, Typography, CSS & JavaScript, Color Palette and Customizer.


Last updated:

April 10, 2022