GT Blocks

GT Blocks v1.3.1 delivers 14 blocks. The catalogue has not been indexed.


With our flexible and innovative blocks for the new WordPress Editor, you can create complex layouts for your business website in just a few minutes.

GT Button – gt-blocks/button
Add a button and style it.
GT Column – gt-blocks/column ( Not insertable )
A single column within a grid block.
GT Columns – gt-blocks/columns
Display your content in multiple columns with flexible widths.
GT Content – gt-blocks/content
A wrapper for your content blocks.
GT Features – gt-blocks/features
Add a block that displays your product or service features.
GT Grid Layout – gt-blocks/grid-layout
Add a block that displays child blocks in a grid layout.
GT Heading – gt-blocks/heading
Add a headline and style it.
GT Hero Image – gt-blocks/hero-image
Add a block with an eye catching headline and call to action buttons.
GT Icon – gt-blocks/icon
Insert a single icon.
GT Image – gt-blocks/image
Insert a single image.
GT Image Card – gt-blocks/image-card
Insert a single image with a text card side-by-side.
GT Multiple Buttons – gt-blocks/multiple-buttons
Insert multiple buttons.
GT Portfolio – gt-blocks/portfolio
Add a block that displays your projects or services in a grid layout.
GT Section – gt-blocks/section
Add a section block, then use whatever content blocks you’d like.

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gt-blocksNo info available  


  • Another plugin that appears to deliver a set of pretty standard blocks.


Last updated:

June 12, 2020