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Premium Blocks for WordPress

GutenBee Accordion – gutenbee/accordion
Display fancy accordions
GutenBee Banner – gutenbee/banner
A versatile block for creating banners of any kind.
GutenBee Button – gutenbee/button
Prompt visitors to take action with a button-style link.
GutenBee Button Group – gutenbee/buttons
Prompt visitors to take action with a group of button-style links
GutenBee Column – gutenbee/column ( Not insertable )
A single column within a container block.
GutenBee Container – gutenbee/container
A versatile container for your blocks.
GutenBee Countdown – gutenbee/countdown
Display awesome countdowns
GutenBee Countup – gutenbee/countup
Animate a numerical value by counting to it.
GutenBee Divider – gutenbee/divider
A divider to indicate a thematic change in the content in style.
GutenBee Food Menu – gutenbee/food-menu
List your favorite dishes.
GutenBee Food Menu Group – gutenbee/food-menu-wrapper
Wrapper for the Food Menu block.
GutenBee Food Menu Item – gutenbee/food-menu-item
Single food menu item.
GutenBee Gallery – gutenbee/justified-gallery
Create high quality columnized or justified image galleries.
GutenBee Google Maps – gutenbee/google-maps
Create fancy Google Maps
GutenBee Heading – gutenbee/heading
Introduce new sections and organize content to help visitors (and search engines) understand the structure of your content.
GutenBee Icon – gutenbee/icon
A flexible icon block
GutenBee Icon Box – gutenbee/iconbox
A flexible icon box block
GutenBee Icon List – gutenbee/icon-list
Create lists with icons.
GutenBee Icon List Item – gutenbee/icon-list-item
List item for the icon list.
GutenBee Image – gutenbee/image
Insert an image to make a visual statement.
GutenBee Image Box – gutenbee/imagebox
An image box with a title and a description.
GutenBee Image Comparison – gutenbee/image-comparison
Highlight the differences between two images.
GutenBee Paragraph – gutenbee/paragraph
Start with the building block of all narrative.
GutenBee Post Types – gutenbee/post-types
Display a list of post type items.
GutenBee Progress Bar – gutenbee/progress-bar
Create fancy progress bars
GutenBee Review – gutenbee/review
Creates reviews.
GutenBee Review Item – gutenbee/review-item
Create review items
GutenBee Slideshow – gutenbee/slideshow
A slideshow block
GutenBee Spacer – gutenbee/spacer
Add white space between blocks and customize its height.
GutenBee Tabs – gutenbee/tabs
Display fancy tabs
GutenBee Testimonial – gutenbee/testimonial
Displays a testimonial.
GutenBee Video – gutenbee/video
Embed a video from your media library or upload a new one.
GutenBee Video Embed – gutenbee/video-embed
Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo.


GutenBee Container : 100 – gutenbee/container one-column
One column
GutenBee Container : 50 / 50 – gutenbee/container two-columns-half
Two columns; equal split
GutenBee Container : 33 / 66 – gutenbee/container two-columns-one-third-two-thirds
Two columns; one-third, two-thirds split
GutenBee Container : 66 / 33 – gutenbee/container two-columns-two-thirds-one-third
Two columns; two-thirds, one-third split
GutenBee Container : 33 / 33 / 33 – gutenbee/container three-columns-equal
Three columns; equal split
GutenBee Container : 25 / 50 / 25 – gutenbee/container three-columuns-wide-center
Three columns; wide center column

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GutenBee – Gutenberg Blocks
GutenBee enhances the Gutenberg editor with more blocks!
April 8, 2024


  • GutenBee changes the editor theme to make it appear full width.


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February 6, 2022