Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library v2.6.6 delivers 51 blocks. The catalogue is still not under construction.


Create beautiful and attracting posts, pages, and landing pages with Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter. Otter comes with dozens of Gutenberg blocks that are all you need to build beautiful pages.

About Author – themeisle-blocks/about-author
About Author block is the easiest way to add a author bio below your posts.
Accordion – themeisle-blocks/accordion
Vertically collapsing accordions perfect for displaying your FAQs.
Accordion Item – themeisle-blocks/accordion-item
Vertically collapsing accordions perfect for displaying your FAQs.
Add to Cart Button – themeisle-blocks/add-to-cart-button ( Not insertable )
Display an Add to Cart button for your WooCommerce products.
Advanced Heading – themeisle-blocks/advanced-heading
Advanced Heading gives a spin to editor’s Heading block with much needed customization options.
Business Hours – themeisle-blocks/business-hours ( Not insertable )
Display your business schedule on your website.
Business Hours Item – themeisle-blocks/business-hours-item
Item used by Business Hours block to display the time.
Button – themeisle-blocks/button
Prompt visitors to take action with a button group.
Button Group – themeisle-blocks/button-group
Prompt visitors to take action with a button group.
Circle Counter – themeisle-blocks/circle-counter
Show your progress with a beautiful Circle Counter block.
Countdown – themeisle-blocks/countdown
Set a countdown for a date.
Form – themeisle-blocks/form
Display a form for your clients.
Google Maps – themeisle-blocks/google-map
Display Google Maps on your website with Google Map block.
Icon – themeisle-blocks/font-awesome-icons
Add icons from Font Awesome or ThemeIsle Icons library to your website.
Icon List – themeisle-blocks/icon-list
Display an icon list in a beautiful layout.
Icon List Item – themeisle-blocks/icon-list-item
Display an item for the icon list.
Import Blocks from JSON – themeisle-blocks/importer
Allows you import blocks from a JSON file.
Lottie Animation – themeisle-blocks/lottie
Add Lottie animations to your WordPress.
Maps – themeisle-blocks/leaflet-map
Display Open Street Maps on your website with Maps block.
Nonce Field – themeisle-blocks/form-nonce ( Not insertable )
Protect the form from CSRF.
Plugin Card – themeisle-blocks/plugin-cards
Plugin Card block lets you display plugins data in your blog posts.
Popup – themeisle-blocks/popup
Display your content in beautiful popup with many customization options..
Posts – themeisle-blocks/posts-grid
Display a list of your most recent posts in a beautiful layout.
Pricing – themeisle-blocks/pricing
Pricing tables are a critical part in showcasing your services, prices and overall offerings.
Product Review – themeisle-blocks/review
Turn your posts into smart reviews with ratings and generate leads with a performing review block.
Progress Bar – themeisle-blocks/progress-bar
Show your progress with a beautiful Progress Bar block.
Review Comparison Table – themeisle-blocks/review-comparison ( Not insertable )
A way to compare different product reviews made on the website.
Section – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns
Add a Section block that displays content in multiple columns, then add whatever content blocks you’d like.
Section Column – themeisle-blocks/advanced-column ( Not insertable )
A single column within a Section block.
Service – themeisle-blocks/service
Use this Service block to showcase services your website offers.
Sharing Icons – themeisle-blocks/sharing-icons
Share buttons for your website visitors to share content on any social sharing service.
Slider – themeisle-blocks/slider
Minimal image slider to showcase beautiful images.
Tab Item – themeisle-blocks/tabs-item
Organize and allow navigation between groups of content with Tabs block.
Tabs – themeisle-blocks/tabs
Organize and allow navigation between groups of content with Tabs block.
Testimonials – themeisle-blocks/testimonials
Display kudos from customers and clients and display them on your website.
Text Field – themeisle-blocks/form-input
Display a contact form for your clients.
Textarea Field – themeisle-blocks/form-textarea
Display a contact form for your clients.
WooCommerce Comparison Table – themeisle-blocks/woo-comparison ( Not insertable )
A way to compare different WooCommerce products made on the website.


Form : Contact Form – themeisle-blocks/form themeisle-blocks/form-contact
Contact form for clients
Form : Subscribe Form – themeisle-blocks/form themeisle-blocks/form-subscribe
Add the clients to your subscription list
Section : Full – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-1
Single column
Section : 1:1 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-equal
2 equal columns
Section : 1:2 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-1-2
1:2 columns
Section : 2:1 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-2-1
2:1 columns
Section : 1:1:1 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-equal-3
3 equal columns
Section : 1:1:2 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-1-1-2
1:1:2 columns
Section : 2:1:1 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-2-1-1
2:1:1 columns
Section : 1:1:1:1 – themeisle-blocks/advanced-columns themeisle-blocks/section-columns-equal-4
4 equal columns
Text Field : Email Field – themeisle-blocks/form-input themeisle-blocks/form-input-email
Insert an email field
Text Field : Number Field – themeisle-blocks/form-input themeisle-blocks/form-input-number
Insert a number field
Text Field : Date Field – themeisle-blocks/form-input themeisle-blocks/form-input-date
Insert a date field

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