Jetpack v13.1.1 delivers 33 blocks available in a development environment. When connected to you will find several more. A few of these are catalogued here.

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Address – jetpack/address
Lets you add a physical address with Schema markup.
Business Hours – jetpack/business-hours
Display opening hours for your business.
Button – jetpack/button

Calendly – jetpack/calendly
Embed a calendar for customers to schedule appointments
Checkbox – jetpack/field-checkbox
Add a single checkbox.
Checkbox Group – jetpack/field-checkbox-multiple
People love options. Add several checkbox items.
Contact Info – jetpack/contact-info
Lets you add an email address, phone number, and physical address with improved markup for better SEO results.
Date Picker – jetpack/field-date
The best way to set a date. Add a date picker.
Email – jetpack/field-email
Want to reply to folks? Add an email address input.
Email Address – jetpack/email
Lets you add an email address with an automatically generated click-to-email link.
Eventbrite Checkout – jetpack/eventbrite
Embed Eventbrite event details and ticket checkout.
Form – jetpack/contact-form
A simple way to get feedback from folks visiting your site.
GIF – jetpack/gif
Search for and insert an animated image.
Google Calendar – jetpack/google-calendar
Embed a Google Calendar
Image Compare – jetpack/image-compare
Compare two images with a slider. Works best with images of the same size.
Map – jetpack/map
Add an interactive map showing one or more locations.
Markdown – jetpack/markdown

Use regular characters and punctuation to style text, links, and lists.

Support reference(opens in a new tab)
Message – jetpack/field-textarea
Let folks speak their mind. This text box is great for longer responses.
Name – jetpack/field-name
Introductions are important. Add an input for folks to add their name.
OpenTable – jetpack/opentable
Allow visitors to book a reservation with OpenTable
Phone Number – jetpack/field-telephone
Add a phone number input.
Phone Number – jetpack/phone
Lets you add a phone number with an automatically generated click-to-call link.
Pinterest – jetpack/pinterest
Embed a Pinterest pin, board, or user.
Podcast Player – jetpack/podcast-player
Select and play episodes from a single podcast.
Radio – jetpack/field-radio
Inspired by radios, only one radio item can be selected at a time. Add several radio button items.
Repeat Visitor – jetpack/repeat-visitor
Control block visibility based on how often a visitor has viewed the page.
Revue – jetpack/revue
Add a subscription form for your Revue newsletter.
Select – jetpack/field-select
Compact, but powerful. Add a select box with several items.
Slideshow – jetpack/slideshow
Add an interactive slideshow.
Star Rating – jetpack/rating-star
Rate movies, books, songs, recipes — anything you can put a number on.
Text – jetpack/field-text
When you need just a small amount of text, add a text input.
Tiled Gallery – jetpack/tiled-gallery
Display multiple images in an elegantly organized tiled layout. Serves images using Jetpack’s fast global network of servers.
Website – jetpack/field-url
Add an address input for a website.

Available in connected sites

Some blocks are available when configured in sites connected to, but not in local development environments.

  1. Ad Block – see Ad Block
  2. Latest Instagram Posts Block – see Latest Instagram Posts Block 
  3. Mailchimp Block – see Mailchimp Block 
  4. Recurring Payments Block – see Recurring Payments Block 
  5. Related Posts – see Related Posts Block 
  6. Simple Payments Block – see Simple Payments Block
  7. Subscription Form Block – see Subscription Form Block
  8. Video Block – see Video Block

TODO: Find a way to enable local documentation of these blocks.

Plugin name and descriptionPlugin linksVersion, total downloads, last update, tested
Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth
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April 17, 2024

8.6 – 8.6.133
  1. Image Compare – jetpack/image-compare
  1. Podcast Player – jetpack/podcast-player

The following blocks/variations are not registered:

8.3 – 8.430
  1. Google Calendar – jetpack/google-calendar
  2. Revue – jetpack/revue
  1. Calendly – jetpack/calendly
  2. Eventbrite Checkout – jetpack/eventbrite
  3. OpenTable – jetpack/opentable
8.0 – 8.125
  1. Pinterest – jetpack/pinterest
  2. Star Rating – jetpack/rating-star

The following blocks/variations are not registered:

7.8 – 7.923
  1. Tiled gallery – jetpack/tiled-gallery
7.3.3 – 7.722
Jetpack blocks available in local development, added and deleted by release


Last updated:

June 7, 2020