Kadence blocks

Kadence blocks v1.8.5 delivers 15 blocks. The blocks have been catalogued.


Gutenberg page builder toolkit. The Kadence blocks plugin provides the Kadence Blocks Controls plugin to control the Color Palette, Block Defaults and Editor Width. Block Defaults allows you set to defaults for each block type and to control visibility settings for different user types.

Most of the blocks in the Kadence blocks plugin do not have descriptions.

Accordion – kadence/accordion
Create beautiful accordions! Each pane can contain any other block, customize title styles, content background, and borders.
Advanced Button – kadence/advancedbtn
Create an advanced button or a row of buttons. Style each one, including hover controls!
Advanced Gallery – kadence/advancedgallery
Photo galleries, carousels, and sliders! Enable custom links, captions, and more.
Advanced Heading – kadence/advancedheading

Column – kadence/column

Form – kadence/form
Create a contact or marketing form for your website.
Icon – kadence/icon

Icon List – kadence/iconlist
Create engaging lists with icons for bullets.
Info Box – kadence/infobox
Create beautiful information boxes using icons or images.
Pane – kadence/pane

Row Layout – kadence/rowlayout

Spacer/Divider – kadence/spacer

Tab – kadence/tab

Tabs – kadence/tabs

Testimonials – kadence/testimonials

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Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks – Page Builder Features
Custom Blocks for for Gutenberg to help extend the editing capabilities.
May 4, 2021

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