LSX Blocks

LSX Blocks v delivers 10 blocks. The blocks have not been indexed.


The LSX Blocks plugin gives you a collection of Gutenberg blocks that you can use and customize. All the blocks are built to work with our powerful LSX theme.

LSX Accordion – lsx-blocks/lsx-accordion
Add accordion block with a title and text.
LSX Author Profile Box – lsx-blocks/lsx-profile-box
Add a profile box with bio info and social media links.
LSX Banner (Hero Image) – lsx-blocks/lsx-banner-box
Add a banner with content and media.
LSX Button – lsx-blocks/lsx-button
Add a customizable button.
LSX Call To Action – lsx-blocks/lsx-cta
Add a call to action section with a title, text, and a button.
LSX Card Box – lsx-blocks/lsx-card-box
Add a card box with content and media.
LSX Container – lsx-blocks/lsx-container
Add a container block to wrap several blocks in a parent container.
LSX Divider – lsx-blocks/lsx-spacer
Add a spacer and divider between your blocks.
LSX Post Carousel – lsx-blocks/lsx-post-carousel
Add a carousel or list of customizable posts to your page.
LSX Post Grid – lsx-blocks/lsx-post-grid
Add a grid or list of customizable posts to your page.

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LSX Blocks
This plugin extends the LSX Theme to support the latest block editor features.
April 20, 2023



Last updated:

June 16, 2020



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