Massive Addons For Gutenberg & WordPress Editor

Massive Addons For Gutenberg & WordPress Editor v delivers 11 blocks. The catalogue has not been started.


Massive Addons gives you multi plugins all in one. It’s very powerful for any theme.

Accordion – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/accordion
Vertically stacked list of items
Accordion Items – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/accordion-slides
Vertically stacked list of items
Advanced Button – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/button
create stylish button
Creative Links – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/creativelink
Creative links button
Headings – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/headings
Displays interactive alert
Image Hover Effects – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/ihover
Display image hover styles
Info Banner – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/infobanner
Displays the banner information
Info Box – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/infobox
Add icon box with custom font icon
Interactive Banner – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/int-banner
Display interactive banner
Pricing Table – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/price
Create nice looking price tables
Stats Counter – nasir-blocks-gutenberg/count-up
Displays Number Counter

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Massive Addons for Gutenberg and WordPress
Massive Addons for gutenberg extension, Beautifully designed unique elements, Includes Premium quality addons For Gutenberg Page Builder.
March 20, 2021


  • The plugin modifies existing blocks, adding a WP Munich section to Remove bottom margin.


Last updated:

June 15, 2020



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