nhsblocks v1.2.4 delivers 35 blocks. The catalogue is complete, but some of the examples need improvement.


Gutenberg native custom blocks for the NHS Nightingale 2.0 theme.

Action Link – nhsblocks/actionlink
Use action links to help users get to the next stage of a journey quickly by signposting the start of a digital service.
Back Link – nhsblocks/backlink
Use back links to help users go back to the previous page in a multi-page transaction.
Button – nhsblocks/nhsbutton

Card Region – nhsblocks/card1

Contents List – nhsblocks/contentslist
Use contents lists to allow users to navigate between related pages, for example about a single condition.
Contents List Item – nhsblocks/contentslistitem
List Item to go into the contents list
Contents List within a page – nhsblocks/contentslistpage
Use contents lists to allow users to navigate sections within a page. This will automatically add all h2 tags on this page to a scrollable list
Dashboard Navigation – nhsblocks/dashboardnav

Dashboard Region – nhsblocks/dashpanel
Simple image background with text and link to give Dashboard navigation panel
Do and Don’t List – nhsblocks/dodont

Grouped Items – nhsblocks/rowgroup

Grouped Promos – nhsblocks/promogroup

Hero Block – nhsblocks/heroblock
Full width zone, designed to go at the top of your page with an optional image background, texta area and call to action
Hero Block Inner Text – nhsblocks/heroinner
Add some text to the header
List Item with Cross – nhsblocks/dontitem

List Item with Tick – nhsblocks/doitem

One Half Promo – nhsblocks/onehalfpro

One Half Width – nhsblocks/onehalf

One Quarter Promo – nhsblocks/onequarterpro

One Quarter Width – nhsblocks/onequarter

One Third Promo – nhsblocks/onethirdpro

One Third Width – nhsblocks/onethird

Pagination – nhsblocks/pagination

Panel Region – nhsblocks/panel1
By default this block includes a title, block of text and button link. You can remove the button if you wish by clicking it then clicking three dots on the navigation bar at the top of the page then the bin
Promo Region – nhsblocks/promo1

Review Date – nhsblocks/reviewdate

Simple Quote – nhsblocks/quote1

Simple Reveal – nhsblocks/reveal1

Stripe Block – nhsblocks/stripeblock
Inner block that allows alternate grey stripes
Stripes Block – nhsblocks/stripesblock
Outer block that allows alternate grey stripes. To be used with the Full Width for Stripes template
Tag – nhsblocks/tags
Tags are just used to indicate a status. Do not add links. Use adjectives rather than verbs for the names of your tags. Using a verb might make a user think that clicking on them will do something
Three Quarter Promo – nhsblocks/threequarterspro

Three Quarter Width – nhsblocks/threequarters

Two Thirds Promo – nhsblocks/twothirdspro

Two Thirds Width – nhsblocks/twothirds

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NHS Blocks
NHS styled blocks for WordPress as developed by the NHS Leadership Academy based on the NHS Digital Front-end library.
April 16, 2024



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November 21, 2021