oik-blocks provides 20 blocks.

WordPress blocks for oik based shortcodes.

Some of the blocks from this plugin are used to create the documentation for this WordPress Blocks catalogue.

Address – oik-block/address
Displays your address
Block icon – oik-block/blockicon
Displays a Block icon
Block info – oik-block/blockinfo
Displays a Block’s information
Block list – oik-block/blocklist
Displays a list of Blocks for a chosen prefix
Contact form – oik-block/contact-form
Displays a Contact form
Countdown – oik-block/countdown
Countdown timer
CSS – oik-block/css
Inline CSS
CSV – oik-block/csv
Displays CSV content
Dashicon – oik-block/dashicon
Displays icons
Fields – oik-block/fields
Displays Fields
Follow me – oik-block/follow-me
Displays Social media links
GeSHi – oik-block/geshi
Generic Syntax Highlighting – for code examples
GitHub Issue – oik-block/github
Display a link to a GitHub issue
Google Maps – oik-block/googlemap
Displays a Google Maps map
Nivo slider – oik-block/nivo
Nivo slider
Person – oik-block/person
Displays a person’s information
Search – oik-block/search
Displays a search form
Shortcode block – oik-block/shortcode-block
Expands oik shortcodes
UK Tides – oik-block/uk-tides
Tide times and heights
WordPress – oik-block/wp
Displays information about WordPress and PHP versions

For the official documentation for these blocks see oik-plugins Blocks

Published: | Last updated: October 17, 2020



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