Qodeblock v1.0.1 delivers 21 blocks. The catalogue is under Construction.


A beautiful collection of handy Gutenberg blocks to help you get started with the new WordPress editor.

Accordion – qodeblock/qb-accordion
Add accordion block with a title and text.
Advanced Column – qodeblock/qb-column
Add a pre-defined column layout.
Advanced Columns – qodeblock/qb-columns
Add a pre-defined column layout.
Author Profile – qodeblock/qb-profile-box
Add a profile box with bio info and social media links.
Button – qodeblock/qb-button
Add a customizable button.
Call To Action – qodeblock/qb-cta
Add a call to action section with a title, text, and a button.
Container – qodeblock/qb-container
Add a container block to wrap several blocks in a parent container.
Drop Cap Text – qodeblock/qb-drop-cap
Add a styled drop cap to the beginning of your paragraph.
Email newsletter – qodeblock/newsletter
Add an email newsletter sign-up form.
Inline Notice – qodeblock/qb-notice
Add a stylized text notice.
Post and Page Grid – qodeblock/qb-post-grid
Add a grid or list of customizable posts or pages.
Pricing – qodeblock/qb-pricing
Add a pricing table.
Pricing Column – qodeblock/qb-pricing-table
Add a pricing column.
Product Button – qodeblock/qb-pricing-table-button
Adds a product button component.
Product Features – qodeblock/qb-pricing-table-features
Adds a product feature component with schema markup.
Product Price – qodeblock/qb-pricing-table-price
Adds a product price component with schema markup.
Product Subtitle – qodeblock/qb-pricing-table-subtitle
Adds a product subtitle component with schema markup.
Product Title – qodeblock/qb-pricing-table-title
Adds a product title component with schema markup.
Sharing Icons – qodeblock/qb-sharing
Add sharing buttons to your posts and pages.
Spacer – qodeblock/qb-spacer
Add a spacer and divider between your blocks.
Testimonial – qodeblock/qb-testimonial
Add a user testimonial with a name and title.

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Plum: Spin Wheel & Email Pop-up
Plum plugin: Create captivating popups effortlessly in 5 mins! Collect form submissions, promote products, boost sales, and grow your email list.
December 26, 2023



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June 17, 2020