WP Block Pack

WP Block Pack v delivers 14 blocks. The catalogue is under Construction.


A pack of clean, useful and, customizable blocks for the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

Accordion – wp-block-pack/accordion-lite
Display accordion section with titles and texts. Support up to 7 panels.
Advertisement – wp-block-pack/advertisement
Block for displaying simple ad. One code to display on all your post/page.
Blockquote – wp-block-pack/blockquote
Display an awesome blockquote with 6 pre-made styles and advanced control.
Button Pro – wp-block-pack/button-pro
Button with advanced control over icon, size, color and, hover transition.
Counter – wp-block-pack/counter
Animating increased numbers. Block for display set of individual counter.
Drop Cap – wp-block-pack/drop-cap
Just a simple regular paragraph with way more advanced Drop Cap control.
Icon – wp-block-pack/icon
Block for display simple icon. Use your favorite Dashicon or Fontawesome.
Individual Counter – wp-block-pack/individual-counter ( Not insertable )
This block are individual counter.
Inline Buttons – wp-block-pack/inline-buttons
Use this block to convert most gutenberg block buttons into inline style.
Notice – wp-block-pack/notice
Simple notification with beautiful 4 pre-made and custom style options.
Section – wp-block-pack/section
Block for styling a group of blocks. Give these blocks good appearance.
Tabs – wp-block-pack/tabs
Build HTML tabs with titles and any choosen blocks inside content area.
Tabs Content – wp-block-pack/tab ( Not insertable )
Block for displaying single tab content.
Testimonial – wp-block-pack/testimonial
Display a testimonial or feedback sentence from client or anyone you want.

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Block Collection for You – WP Block Pack
A pack of clean, useful and, customizable blocks for the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).
July 20, 2022


  • Another pretty standard set of blocks that one day you might expect to find in core.


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June 12, 2020