WP Toolbelt

v delivers 13 blocks. The catalogue is under Construction.


More features, with a focus on privacy and speed.

Checkbox – toolbelt/field-checkbox
Add a single checkbox.
Checkbox Group – toolbelt/field-checkbox-multiple
People love options. Add several checkbox items.
Contact Form – toolbelt/contact-form
Use the form builder to create your own forms.
Date Picker – toolbelt/field-date
The best way to set a date. Add a date picker.
Email – toolbelt/field-email
Want to reply to folks? Add an email address input.
Message – toolbelt/field-textarea
Let folks speak their mind. This text box is great for longer responses.
Name – toolbelt/field-name
Introductions are important. Add an input for folks to add their name.
Radio – toolbelt/field-radio
Inspired by radios, only one radio item can be selected at a time. Add several radio button items.
Select – toolbelt/field-select
Compact, but powerful. Add a select box with several items.
Subject – toolbelt/field-subject
What is the message about?
Telephone – toolbelt/field-telephone
Add a phone number input.
Text – toolbelt/field-text
When you need just a small amount of text, add a text input.
Website – toolbelt/field-url
Add an address input for a website.

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Fast, privacy focused, utilities to improve your website. Includes a Markdown block, spam protection, related posts, cookie banner, and more.
January 30, 2024


  • The Contact form block consists of multiple fields.


Last updated:

June 12, 2020